Reissue nearly anywhere and easy rapid rescoring.

If you are considering a new credit reporting agency take a moment to review this website. Its contains everything you’ll need to make the wise decision to switch to Funding Suite, including a full price list, video demonstrations, references and more.

If you originate mortgage loans, Funding Suite® credit reports can help you close more applicants, increase your referrals and make more money. Its not hype. First, you’ll save money with our low cost $10.49 tri-merge credit reports. Second, you’ll get access to Funding Suite’s credit proofreading tools that can legitimately (and permanently) strengthen credit scores with our 72 hour rapid rescoring.

Cogent Road founders speak openly about the importance of innovation as a business strategy. LIstent to this recent interview by GoInnovate!.

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Funding Suite offers an easy to read Fannie Mae LQI refresh report.

Fannie Mae's Loan Quality Initiative requires a new report at the end of the application process to ensure no additional debt will interfere with the approved Debt Ratio. Our proprietarty LQI refresh report compares the original report with the new one to quickly highlight new inquiries, tradelines and debt.

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The Intelligent Credit Report: The Industry's Only Credit Report with Brains.
In addition to our easy to read paper credit report – Funding Suite gives you software that reveals credit reporting insights about your applicants that have never been possible before. Its called the Intelligent Credit Report and it will help you analyze and interpret your credit files in ways that will help you qualify applicants more often, and more easily.

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Digitial Document Delivery Now Included with Every Funding Suite Account
If you are tired of the waste involved when faxing and e-mailing documents to your credit agency, then you'll enjoy Funding Suite's digital document delivery.

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